Organic Seed Collection

Organic Seed Collection

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Certified Organic, Non-GMO Garden Seed Collection from Seattle Seed Co. . Choose from 3 collections:

  • Children’s Garden - fast-growing vegetables provide a great gardening foundation for eager young growers. Contains 5 packets of organic seeds and DIY garden marker: snap peas, sunflowers, green beans, pumpkins and carrots.

  • Pollinator Garden - This collection was designed to attract the most diverse set of pollinators to your yard from spring to fall. Contains 5 packets of Organic seeds and a pollinator fact sheet: borage, lacy phacelia, nicotiana, lavender, echinacea

  • Culinary Herb Garden - Snip fresh herbs from your garden to heighten the flavors of all your dishes. Contains 5 packets of organic seeds and an herb drying guide: parsley, sage, chives, basil, thyme.

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