Juniper Bonsai Workshop--July 21

Juniper Bonsai Workshop--July 21


This 2 hour workshop occurs Sunday, July 21, 2-4 pm, and will be taught by bonsai expert Robert from Asia Pacific Gardening.

In the first hour, attendees will be introduced to bonsai through a discussion of its history as well as novice to advance techniques of plant care and maintenance routines. Attendees will learn how to select a tree, as well as trimming, pruning, potting, watering, techniques. The hour will also cover tips on preventing diseases, bacteria, and insects from infecting the trees by using regular household items such as cigarette butts and Tabasco Sauce.

In the second hour, attendees will participate in the hands-on portion, full of real physical experiences with the soil and trees that participants will take home. Their senses will come alive as they explore all the wonderful tree textures and smell the array of plant and soil aromas. The attendees will typically feel a sense of heightened well-being as they interact with their bonsai.

Participants will also get 10% off a plant purchase in the shop after the event as well.

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