Composting 101


Composting is the recycling of organic material by decomposition. In this process, a mixture of organic material (kitchen scraps) is mixed with soil and dead plant matter. The metabolic breakdown of the organic plant matter takes place within the soil and is catalyzed by organisms. These organisms range from your common earthworm to tiny microorganisms who ingest and mechanically infuse the soil with nutrients that was extracted from the decomposed matter. Adding compost to regular potting soil can help houseplants grow and beautify an outdoor garden simply by recycling food scraps and reducing trash in the landfill. By Leraih Appling


What are the ingredients of good soil?

Soil is a compilation of macro/micro nutrients that a plant needs to remain healthy and beautiful. To ensure that your plant remains healthy, you must replenish it with these elements similar to taking a vitamin supplement. (see the March post “Food and Fertilizer”)

Macronutrients that a plant needs in excessive amounts: nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium

Micronutrients are lesser needed nutrients: ion-selenium-hydrogen

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