Plants for beginners

Are you a beginner plant collector? Did you know there’s health benefits in adding plants to your home or office? Increased happiness, decreased stress, improved mood, and the lush freshness of filtered air in your home are just a few of the benefits. Through my plant collection, I’ve met new friends, experienced the thrill of the hunt, and participated in great nerdy discussions about the science of plants. Learn more about how houseplants are good for your health here

Here’s my top 5 recommendations for beginners based on low light and/or low water needs as well as interesting foliage, sure to make you feel like a botanical rock star!


1. Snake plants or sansevieria

Though snake plants thrive in bright light generating more pronounced variegation and faster growth, they can survive in low light. The variety of striking horizontal or vertical striping will make it hard to choose. Shown is a Bird’s Nest formation.


2. ZZ plant or Zamioculcas

Glossy leaves and light green new growth. Can thrive under fluorescent light and low water due to the rhizomes that can store water.


3. Pancake plant or Pilea peperomioides

Fun, bouncy and propagates new growth quickly. It’s ready for a drink when it slowly goes limp.


4. Chinese evergreen or aglaonema

With shortages of fiddle leaf figs and monsteras, the fancy, colorful foliage will brighten your day! Varieties shown are Lady Valentine and Pink Moon.


5. Cacti

These slow-growing, prickly cuties come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Set it in a sunny window and give it a little drink monthly or when you notice shriveling.

Jeanne Serrano