Rain water vs tap water

Did you know some plants are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water? Rain water is more beneficial than tap water because it contains more oxygen and little to no hard minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium that are added to tap water. Additionally, chlorine and fluoride in tap water can cause toxicity in your plants and present as browning edges.


Plants that are especially prone to tap water toxicity are spider plants, fiddles, and dracaena.

Plants in the shop are pampered with rain water from a simple large barrel collection system at my home. As we head into the rainy season in the PNW, a few well-placed 5-gallon buckets is all you need to give your houseplants a delicious drink. And its FREE! Distilled water is also an option.

As I was collecting research data, I discovered the public water supply in Washington cities had varying amounts of chemicals and pollutants. See the surprising city reports here.

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